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Bulbs and Bits- written 2020

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend wherever you are. We have been so excited to see these beautiful bulbs coming up, and this morning, the boys showed me these full bloomed beauties coming up in the sandy patch at the end of the garden. How fantastic!

The day was off to a great start. I got to hang with my middle boy in the morning for some one on one time which is so elusive these days. It was a nice little gift.

We did however take a brief albeit frustrating turn when his brother locked the bathroom door from the inside (Alvin, Alvin, ALVIN!). We don't have a key for this door (lesson learned) so I spent a good amount of time doing this.

I had to practice all my yoga breathing and backwards counting and remind myself of all my graces. Grace #1, Sarge was not behind the door, trying to swim in the toilet or turn on the tub. More deep breaths...

Meanwhile the boys were having a blast! I was too occupied playing MacGyver (does anyone even know who MacGyver is anymore?) so I couldn't see what they were doing. But I did hear their happy voices and lots of rustling so I am sure it looked something like this, which is the correct guess 90 percent of the time.

They were so excited to try to find a way to climb through the upstairs window and enter the bathroom that way! And just before I had to pull them out of the trees and/or stop Scott from kicking in the door, I found this.

And the seas parted.

The rest of the day was pretty sweet. It was warmer today than yesterday, and I keep thinking of how we are moving in the right direction. I mean, I wouldn't call it warm but it was indeed warmer. Made room for some outdoor adventure.

I still had to wrap them in some warm blankets when they fell off their ship. "Man overboard!" But they recovered and were all too happy to have some snuggles and hot chocolate. And all was well again. We grilled some dinner and headed to bed.

Speaking of grilling, I'm really working on trying to reduce my intake of AGEs (Advanced glycation end products) which accumulate in the body and lead to trouble and premature aging. How cheeky is the acronym! I love the play on words!

Anyway, AGEs come up when we grill meat, or when we char animal products. Then they deposit in our skin, so to speak. You can learn more about them here.

In the meantime, these are things I have loved this week, besides my five boys.

The Spider's Web- an oldie but goodie.

When we're not listening to Hamilton on repeat, Scott's been playing a lot of this totally creative album, Alright All Night.


Dr. Swae


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