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  • Acne is a common condition affecting tens of millions of Americans.

  • Acne has many subtypes, but importantly, it can SCAR!

  • Treat acne early to reduce risk of scarring.

  • Acne can be treated topically, but some cases are severe and medications by mouth may be recommended.

  • Best topical products for acne

    • Benzoyl peroxide (can be irritating in higher strengths and can bleach clothes)

    • Salicylic acid (don’t use in high strengths in young children or pregnant women)

    • Tea tree oil (can be allergenic and not recommended in young boys)

    • Retinoids (Vitamin A- can get adapalene over the counter) 

    • Azelaic acid (from a cereal grain; best with prescription 

    • Topical antibiotics- dapsone OTC, clindamycin

    • Newer anti androgen drug showing promise

woman with clear skin
  • Diet affects acne

    • Limit dairy especially SKIM MILK

    • Limit high glycemic index foods

    • Foods with zinc are likely to be helpful

  • Wash your face at least once daily, really not more than twice as it can dry out skin

  • Use a light lotion after washing 

  • Be careful with products that produce a lot of oil such as hair care products

  • Shampoo hair daily if your scalp gets very greasy

  • DO NOT PICK your acne! Motherhood and doctoring taught me this!

Happy Teens with clear skin
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