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Perspective - written 2020

Hi there. Hoping you are well tonight and in the weeks to come. We have been enjoying watching the weather shift and feeling the warm air. I think it is finally safe to bring out our starters, if we still had starters. The baby found them (my fault not his), brought them outside early and turned them upside down in the garden. When I discovered my little gardener’s work, I decided to leave the seeds as they were. I’ll fill you in when we see if anything grows. A reminder for me that kids learn by imitation, and to put my things on a higher shelf.

We also decided to put up some of our guy’s watercolors because they seemed to fit so well with our Spring theme, the new beginnings in a nest (from an aerial perspective) and nurturing a garden with a heart full of love.

Scott enjoyed being home with the boys today and he set up this batting station for them. Though our town is committed to trying to have a baseball season, our third will sit this year out. But how exciting then to have his dad show him one on one!

There is really only one thing more exciting for jim, that tops all in fact.

Practicing Jedi fighting techniques...

We try to avoid commercial influences when we can. Certainly when our oldest was 5 he didn’t know anything about Jedi. But life is very different for a first born pioneer in comparison to his younger siblings.

His parents were less tired.

I have to say, the Jedi knight story brings so much joy to our boys now and my perspective had shifted a bit. Life is short. If a child finds happiness in a story especially one about right from wrong,I am happy to tell it and retell it and have him imagine he is every character he can conjure.

We had a great weekend just in time to head back to lesson on Monday. One hiccup, we will need a laptop for our oldest’s main lesson and I already told you about the baby’s proclivity for tossing things onto the floor. (That's why I am writing this from my phone). Laptops may not be as forgiving as I am hoping seeds are...

For Skin Cancer Awareness month, look for ways to add shade to your outdoor spaces.

Broad umbrellas offer some sun protection and are an excellent way to be outside and not get a burn. Be sure that the surface of the table or chair they cover isn’t too reflective or it undoes your work.


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