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Market Days- written 2020

Happy weekend! What are you up to this weekend? I am hoping everyone will get some rest and some relaxation from wherever you are. It's time we all had some.

We are going to hopefully build some fires (Wyatt got a cool flint fire starter), read some stories (something by Grace Lin) and maybe watch a family movie. The boys are always into Star Wars but I'm looking for something new.

It was surreal to step outside and feel warm, humid air as we did so many times today, mostly just to get to experience the shift. We have gone so long with winter cold that to feel anything else is indescribable. Transcendent.

And then the skies opened up. I had to take a photo because it is rare for it to be frankly torrential. Its rarity, though, is the very thing that makes it so special. I am a little unsure about whether the photo will spoil it. I know it won't do it justice. It was fantastic.

After the storms tonight, tomorrow is slated to be beautiful.

We have to preorder from our CSA these days and wear a mask to pick up at the outdoor market. The days of browsing at the Farmers' Market are on hold, as are my hopes for a timely end to this. I think we just have to embrace this life for a while and make sure we are taking care of each other.

In the meantime, I'll keep the pantry stocked. My Sarge loves to check it out and make sure I'm doing a good job keeping it full.

So far, so good mama. But you could use some more blueberry jam.

Tonight, for Skin Cancer Awareness Month, remember that so much of one's sun exposure happens in childhood.

It's of course wonderful for most of us to be outside; just make sure to put your babies and yourselves in the shade. And don't get a sunburn. Goodnight everyone. Be well.


Dr. Laura Dr. Swae


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