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Evolving (aka Coping with Snowstorms in May)- written 2020

Happy Saturday. Lots of things have changed since March for the world. But unlike many, my Saturday evenings have not. Still dinner, bath (maybe), bed. That evening routine may be one of the few constants in our lives these days.

So I shouldn't have been as surprised as I was to see the snow that arrived this morning.

I was, in fact, very surprised.

I feel like this must be representative of something bigger. Snow in May can happen in Vermont, yes. But it’s unusual. It’s a little unsettling, perhaps even auspicious- the point where the paths diverge. I don't know exactly where we are headed this year.

The sun came out later in the day, but then by the afternoon, flurries and hail.

It was strange day all around.

But inside we continued on as if the storm was raging only at sea.

My third boy made sure his army vest was packed. That boy so far is the one in our family who has shown a penchant for preparedness. By penchant I mean hint, really.

Well, I guess that's not really fair. My oldest worked on knots and survival skills.

My third boy continued working on his sword.

And the baby decided he didn't need to sleep.

A day in the life!

I guess whatever they are doing, I have to be grateful that they are trying to get better at it.

Later the boys took me to pick up my Mother‘s Day present. The lovely woman who made the gift was devoted to making the experience contact free. And she was as pleasant as she was dedicated, which is hard to do two stories above ground in a mask.

Speaking of masks, we really stalled recently in our own construction. My boys uncovered this relic in our basement (shout out to my mother in law) which hopefully will get us moving again.

We realized though the dangers of our household. It's been in mint condition since (I think) 1961 and it spent five minutes in our dining room and almost broke twenty three times. Little hands...

I'll let you know how we do once we get back to work.

Despite the rough wintery start, it still turned out to be a beautiful (albeit cold) day. True, no one knows where this new life will take us, but I keep reading about the silver linings.

1. less pollution for our changing climate, in some places by as much as 30 percent

2. fewer automobile accidents and fatalities

3. fewer transmitted diseases overall (forgive me if this is short term thinking)

4. neighbors looking to help one another

We can't have evolution without change and without challenge. The steps are difficult, and though we can't see the end, we can still see the path- well lit by those silver linings. I'm going to hold onto them, and hope.

And I am also going to bring my baby plants inside tonight.

ABCDE's of melanoma. E is for Evolution. In life, there may be nothing more worthwhile. In skin, there may be nothing more dangerous.

Do you have a spot that looked one way for years and then all of a sudden, it changed? If so, contact your primary or a board certified dermatologist. Don't wait. Let's take care of these things now. It should be our new way.


Dr. Swae


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