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Zoom I Love Yous- written 2020

This evening we had one of my best memories since our departure from our former way of living.

We had a zoom toast.

Colleagues past and present, from all over the country came together to celebrate the monumental success of one of our own.

Perhaps it was the joy of seeing all those faces on camera in the midst of social distancing, or maybe it was seeing the honoree so moved, but it was emotional. It was almost perfect.

But some backstory.

The meeting was at 7:30 EST, which just happens to be exactly the time we deferently refer to as “happy hour” in our house.

Happy Hour never looks like this.

Instead it’s more of this.

So in any other time in the history of my parenting life, the idea of a toast at 7:30 might have sent shivers down my spine.

We would have needed a babysitter for the boys (did you realize there are FOUR ?) and maybe a sedative for me. Just kidding. I’d just be too anxious about my sedation. Or I would have to eat the whole jar...

And because of all of those things I would have spent the whole time concerned and irritable. And then I would have added it to my long list of regret.

But this was different! I was able to be fully present, to tell the honoree how proud I am of him and how deserving he was and how much we love him.

And then...

I got to MUTE my microphone!!!!

This was a game changer!

No one could hear the pandemonium of happy hour and I didn’t have to feel bad that my kids were disrupting. They got to play and be happy, and I got to send my blessings for the toast.

Dear Zoom, Where have you been all my parenting life???!!! And please don’t ever leave me! I don’t want to seem desperate, but...

I would call it a huge success. The topper to a perfect spring day.

Ever have an experience like that?

Now time for bedtime stories, hold the regrets.

Hope yours was great too.


Dr Swae


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