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Water and plants - written 2020

Today was a rainy coldish day and I had to leave my boys for a bit to see some people in the clinic. It was good to take care of what needed attention. I had to put some things aside.

The whole day though Radar just wanted to play Go Fetch. I think she would still be waiting there if we hadn’t told her it was time to come in.

Gotta keep those skills up.

Speaking of fetching, our oldest found this at the lake. How beautiful! It was - smooth, just like a rock from the constant current.

I was glad in a way that he was the one to find it. It’s hard to be the oldest, at any age, I bet. But I think it can be especially hard when you’re a pre-teen.

He is at the precarious in between phase where he is toggling lines.

With younger siblings, older kids can sometimes have more pressure (undue, in many ways) to be bigger, more mature, while still so young themselves. When they all are mischievous, if I’m not careful, I can direct most of my guiding correction toward him as the oldest. I resolve to get better at this.

Older kids have so many influences, pushing in so many directions. There will be many more when school resumes. I hope they know who they are and can stand firm when they need but bend when the time is right. I guess I couldn’t ask for much more.

I hope the kids can appreciate the curves in that near-petrified wood. With the waves, it took on more beauty. It stopped splintering.

I too want to be that wood. I want to go with the flow but stay true to myself. Hopefully life is showing me how it’s done.

Hope you’re all okay, going with your constant beautiful waves.


Dr Swae


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