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Sunbathing- written 2020

Today on our way to pick up some veggies, we came across these three ladies. They were relaxing in the warm sun. I don’t generally take issue with sunbathing in other species, so I kept quiet initially. Plus they made a beautiful picture and a good teaching moment, though not necessarily in the way I had intended.

Seeing them brought up all these thoughts about lassitude and purpose. I ended up weaving those thoughts into another lecture about getting jobs done, etc. to boys that were too engaged in their own concerns to listen much to mine. (They really wanted to explore.)

Well, let me just say, life is funny.

We left the farm with a lovely assortment of goods (so many of which these cows made). Can you see that butter thick layer of cream on the top of the milk jar? It made for quite the experience! (Rhubarb only for me please...)

Anyway, we didn’t end up seeing the farmers, Amanda and Hugo, but we didn’t need to. The farm stand is run on an honor system. You take what you need, write out a receipt and either deduct it from your account or slip the money in the cash box.

But of course, I’m neurotic, which I describe to the boys as “conscientious“ and so I took a picture of my receipt, then put it in the box and emailed Amanda to be sure she got it. Unlike those cows, lassitude is not my jam.

Because it is also not Amanda’s, running a farm and all, she promptly emailed back.

She and Hugo were not at the farm stand because they were tending to a baby calf born to one of their cows THIS MORNING! She said how I should bring the boys next time and then I could show them the hard working mama and her little baby!

I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had just used her cows as my example of laziness. Though it’s doubtful, I wondered if one of those cow gals at whom I had just thrown some major shade could have birthed a baby that very morning.

My apologies, my ladies.

I suppose I still have quite a bit to learn myself.

But it did get me thinking about how grateful I am that I live in a place where my boys can see how their food is made, where it comes from, and how much it takes to get it out of the ground and into their mouths.

And all of a sudden I was totally relieved that they hadn’t payed all that much attention to my ill-conceived laziness lecture from earlier in the day. I never really imagined I’d be glad my kids didn’t listen so intently to my every word. Note to self: remember these small graces.

We are humans and we make mistakes (even moms, especially this one). And though I do my very best to admit it to them when I do make a mistake, I guess I don’t want them to know ALL the mistakes I make, lest they think they are dealing with an amateur.

I am such a pro that I end every day agonizing about how I’ll do better the next, because there are moments in every day where it seems like a total wash. I am such a pro that I just say “add it to the list” of many things I vow to do better for them tomorrow. I am such a pro that I know I’ll never possibly get through my list.

But I’m grateful for the chance that will come with tomorrow and for the spunky, mischievous, brilliant, wonderful, beloved company they provide.

For skin cancer awareness, know that sunbathing is risk factor for deadly skin cancers. It may not actually be lazy (which itself is not always bad) but it is almost always dangerous.


Dr. Swae


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