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Patterns- written 2020

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been brilliant! We had another wonderful warm sunny day here, making two in a row. One would think we were in June.

I have to say, the boys in our family love any day that looks like this.

But I, for one, love those days more in December and January.

By March I am usually feeling a little bit over the ice ands snow. I keep wondering if our too short 2019-2020 season will make me change my mind on this, but I'm not yet convinced.

In any event, I was grateful to feel the spring air again. The weather in Vermont can be tough, and it makes a person (read: me) so much appreciate the return of the glorious color green.

The seasons are beautiful, and to get to see them is really a gift. There is something so calming in their arrival, in the waiting. We know the pattern. We enjoy what we have but we look forward, knowing what's coming.

Speaking of patterns, before we got outside to enjoy our beautiful day, I got them to practice their violins. Well, two out of three at least. I think I already mentioned how creative they can be with their rolodex of excuses when they don't want to practice. (Again I date myself with the rolodex which we can find right next to T Rex when we can return to the Museum of Natural History.)

So we just made it a rule, now that I'm home and can actually see rules through. Practice has to be done in the mornings. And though they fought initially, once it became routine, the rule was accepted.

I think so much of this is because humans feel comfort in patterns. We are wired to look for them. People who recognize pattens sometimes fare better in life. (And for us, they also fare better in violin practice).

Today, my second boy was the victor. He got to go outside first, joined just after by his younger brother. They had such a wonderful time! Such fun! I'm still working on convincing the oldest...

My sister (not the one who found the robin's nest, but my other one) found this beautiful turtle today, Talk about patterns! Look at his beautiful intricate shell! She was mesmerized!

It made me think about science (marine biology) which made me think about space, which made me think about how much the boys miss miss their school.

And though I love having them with me, I know they will all love to see the beautiful grounds when the time (eventually) comes. I'll keep loving em while we wait.

Remember I told you that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? In the skin, patterns are very important too. When we lose them, usually trouble is brewing. Those who pay attention to patterns do better.

Stop reading this, and check out your own skin. Your skin should have a pattern. Moles, freckles, sun spots- they should all look like they match. Like they were all painted by the same artist. Each one should be fairly uniform. If the pattern is all a mess, or one doesn't fit with the others, it should be seen. Fast.

The photo below (courtesy is of a melanoma.

Do you see how there is NO pattern? Its color is varied. Its borders are irregular. It has no symmetry. If you have something that looks like this, get it seen right away. Don't wait.

We only have one shot.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.


Dr. Swae


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