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Look How They Shine - written 2020

Today was beautiful and the blue skies called our names.

We only get so many up here and we have to drink up every one we get (of course with our sun protection).

Despite the magnificent day, the boys couldn’t wait for the sun to set (until they got distracted but that’s another story).

They have been so excited about the mysteries of the night sky.

This is perfect because it ties in so well with our desire to keep up some semblance of education and we can do it as a family.

Well, except for Radar. She just can‘t help but stay on the lookout. It’s just who she is.

We too will be on the lookout, but for us it will be for some clear nights ahead. I’ll fill you in.

Scott worked again yesterday and found some welcome respite on the deck with the boys today. Even though our state hasn’t seen as much disease as others, each one shakes a person‘s core a little bit.

Today one of the boys gifted his parents with a small toy egg- the kind that’s filled with tiny beads to make music.

It came with a little note.

The one “mor” thing was a hug, which just brightened this mama’s day with as much force as that daytime sun. Lucky to be his mama.

And you know, I love that little egg too. It’s so unassuming, so easily overlooked. But hold it, pass it around a little and it ends up being hard to put down.

Hope all is well in your world tonight.


Dr. Swae


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