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Just Another Manic Monday- written 2020

Wow we had such a wild and crazy day here today, our first real day of Spring Break. It was beautiful but crisp and the boys wanted so badly to go in the lake. We just aren’t there yet. We all love water but I just can't go Iceman.

And anyway there was no shortage of things to do.

We swung in the hammock.

We planted some more starters.

We worked on some training exercises. Good pup.

We narrowly avoided a microwave-induced kitchen fire. Maybe he thought it was like popcorn?

And worked on some drawing. Love this thing though there isn't too much to it. It's like a writing prompt for drawing. Have you seen it?

We did some synchronized swimmers.

And a surfer...

After all that we were ready for another nap in the grass.

Before we went to bed, after bath and tick check, we had to make sure to knock back my boy’s eczema. He thankfully doesn’t have much, but even a little is too much. Eczema is dry cracked skin that flares for lots of different reasons. It can be an inside out problem or an outside in problem. For us, it was wintery dry skin and a hand warmer on skin without mittens.

Or it could have been our hand washing due to trying limit spread of a virus and our inability to remember to put tops back on markers. What is that in my pocket? Oh, okay...

Anyway, a great remedy is this which we use quite a bit. I have to pull it out occasionally when it starts to act up again..

I use this one because the cost is good and it’s pure and organic. Did I show it to you before?

Can not remember...

it comes out looking a bit like butter or better yet buttercream frosting.

And though it looks like it will never rub in, just trust me on this one...

By tomorrow we should be on the mend. I talk more about it here where there’s tons of info on eczema and skin barrier.

Hope you’re doing well, staying safe and that your kids and your schooling are running smoothly. Until next time...

xo, Dr Swae


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