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Beauty, restored- written 2020

Hello there.

Hoping you are safe wherever you are. So much change is happening and I know it’s troubling. I took a look at the boys today and they were so happy. It was the kind of happy where I felt so inspired to make their world a little better.

Where would I start?

For my five year old, it wouldn’t take much. He just wants more blocks for his castle and army hats for the guard stations.

For the baby, he wants one more appliance to turn on.

For our second grader, another cuddle or time writing his book.

For our big boy, it’s more complicated.

Today on his own, he called a local boat repair shop and asked how old one has to be to work there. They told him he has to be 16. He was bummed, but then started thinking about how he only has five more years to go! (Five short years!!!!!! Please give me a minute while I cry.)

Okay, two or three...

Maybe five, one for each year...

Later, when I collected myself, I asked him what it was that made him want to work there.

Did he need money for some big project?

Did he want to learn how to sail?

What would be do with the money?

Why there?

The answers:

  1. He has no big projects in mind.

  2. Yes he wants to learn how to sail but that’s not the primary motivation - would be a nice side benefit at most.

  3. He would save for college - Like father like son...

  4. He would like to work repairing boats because he loves to restore value to things people overlook, knowing he can always see how cool they really are and how cool they can be.

Like all of these beauties the shop brought back to splendor...

I love that part about my boy. It’s completely true. He is always fishing things out of the recycling bins or trying to repair old appliances or gadgets to keep.

I remember once his teacher told us that if our boy said something didn’t work, it could be guaranteed that he checked it out first, tried to fix it himself and was looking to “troubleshoot” ideas. This was distinct from “notifying” that it was broken and needed to be tossed. I’ll never forget that.

Actually I forget everything so that’s why I need to write it all down these days. So much is happening so fast. I don’t want to miss a moment.

Speaking of, socially distanced baseball starts tomorrow or as our five year old would say, “They will have to social dis.” I’ll let you know how it goes. Bebe and I will be watching from the sidelines. I better bring my mitt.

From the looks of it, we may have another lefty...


Dr. Laura Dr. Swae


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