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Diameter of Devotion- written 2020

Hi there.

Hoping you're looking forward to a lovely weekend. I hope you are safe and healthy. The boys had a good day today, filled with plenty of outdoor adventures. Don't be fooled by the clothing choices. There is a cold front up here. We just breed em tough.

People keep referencing the year Vermont didn't have a summer. It wan't just Vermont, but on June 8, 1816 there were 18 inches of snow in Cabot. That's some serious snow, not by Cabot standards, but by June standards.

With our cold front, this has been brought up over and over. But I am choosing to tune it out for now. I am ready for some warm weather. We get these glimpses, as they did that year, but then the sun retreats. I will just remain hopeful.

I don't want to look like this next month...

The boys have been doing their lessons and I have been agonizing over schooling next year. I know there is no perfect decision, but some are harder than others. Do we homeschool for a full year? Change schools? Stay where we are? Sometimes when I am hoping for a return to normalcy I realize how much I miss the boys' school. But then I wonder whether I just miss what came with it. But, oh it was (and is) a wonderful place!

Did you ever hear of the book, "Hooray for Diffendoofer Day"? That is what I think of when I think of their school. There is a lot of talk about devotion to school and I can get tied up in knots over it. But that's the window dressing. All devotion is to the children and it is boundless.

And if they are tough, why would it matter where they go to school?! Their parents will be devoted regardless.

Speaking of devotion, I found this surprise in a box full of my mother in law's old, well, boxes. She saved them in case she ever wanted to wrap presents and was lacking a box. She was incredibly organized. She had printed labels and hand sewn labels and school supplies and organization in spades.

Organization was how she showed her devotion to her kids. We each have our way. She organized. I agonize.

Right about now I wish I could ask her about it. She would have had a spreadsheet and some toffee and I would have felt better. At least we have the photo, and the box.

Thinking of you tonight, and hope you're hanging in there.

ABCDE's of Melanoma. D is for Diameter. In cake it is good. The same is not always true for moles.

If it is bigger than the head of a pencil eraser, have someone take a look!


Dr. Swae

(Homesteader photo from NE Historical Society.)


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