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Shifting Perspectives - written 2020

Up here in the Northeast we are having such incredible weather- finally. It’s such an unusual way to spend this magnificent week. We haven’t seen anyone in person in so long and I am sure the kids have had enough of their mama.

But they tolerate me. It helps that I am usually the giver of innumerable hugs and limited chocolate.

Today my third boy’s story (writing and drawing) was about a little boat that was afraid of waves. I have to find the picture to post them. I’m never really sure how the themes originate but I’m always glad to be a part of them.

It’s been so much fun to get to do lessons with him. The five year old mind is so imaginative. He told me today that he just can change his thinking by blinking his eyes.

I hope he can do that for his whole life.

Speaking of thinking, today we caught the baby in some intense thought for what seemed like forever but was probably less than a minute. In his young life though, that’s still pretty intense. We couldn’t figure out what it was at first. And then all of a sudden it was very clear.

A plane! A plane! Last summer he was just a baby, and since the pandemic there really haven’t been many flights.

I hadn’t realized it myself until I saw it through his bright eyes.

Today we had the great pleasure of seeing a single engine plane fly over our heads, and the even greater pleasure of watching him discover it. It was absolute delight (and a pinch of fear).

Our 8 yo spent the early part of the day listening to Pippi Longstocking and both he and his big brother are working on planting. They are studying flower anatomy and life cycle.

The curriculum has made me appreciate our surroundings so much more. It’s as though I’m seeing it all for the first time with him too, with all of them.

In all the years we had flowers, studying them in school and in botanical dermatology, I never fully recognized how much they change depending on their circumstance. I never knew a delicate flower could be so resilient and adaptable. But now I am home and I am a witness. I never knew that about my kids either.

They caught this little toad today. Let him go right away of course, but loved him while he was with us.

And finally, today our wonderful sister (-in-law to me) graced us with this magnificent photo. It is of Scott’s and her parents on their wedding day. Isn’t it gorgeous? They were so young and beautiful and the world was their oyster, now their legacy. We loved them while they were here too. And now I see how much that love remains.

Skin Cancer Awareness Month- Early detection is key. Check hard to reach places. If you have a growth on your nail you’re worried could be a skin cancer, put your finger over a light source and press down. See if it seems like the light is passing through the growth. Good sign if it does, as some of the most common nail growths will do this and are benign. Arm yourself with information but get it checked out ASAP. We get one chance here.


Dr. Laura Dr. Swae


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