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Among the Gusty Trees - written 2020

Today is May 1. For a few brilliant moments it felt like a perfect spring day.

We woke up to temps in the forties and it rained all morning- not surprising for Vermont in spring.

But wow by afternoon we were enjoying the warm air brought in by those storm clouds. The sun even graced us with an appearance!

My lone hiker out there...

I would say look at the difference in clothing but this guy almost never has a coat unless he is on a chairlift.

But in all seriousness it really felt like new beginnings and we were all basking in the welcome warmth.

So many of our neighbors were out. We had an informal parade to celebrate a little birthday boy- our neighbor- who also got a visit from the Fire Dept! They have been so good about visiting kids on their birthdays since this quarantine!

The boys and I missed that part sadly but we did get to wave our birthday hellos and show our signs.

We loved it and we were so happy to be out. Every time we get outside there is a renewed feeling of hope. My wish is that wherever you are you are experiencing a little of that too.

But it is still a strange feeling to see neighbors and cross the road to give them space. It feels so unsettling, unusual and oddly uncivil.

To show courtesy and warmth, we do something that would otherwise feel so cold. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I am having a hard time not thinking about it. Human connection is paramount.

Even the introverts among us miss their friends and loved ones.

My sister who is quarantining away from me has had a different type of visitor for the past few days.

Right at her front door. She worked diligently and quickly and then sat for hours.

But it’s almost time now...

Aren’t they just marvelous! Splendid and electric blue!! I was so glad she sent the photos! They brought some joy.

Mama Robin is caring for her eggs. The buds are opening. There is a warm wind in the air.

I hope it brings some warmth to you too.


Dr Swae

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